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Welcome to Kotobook - Community for Pet Lovers!

Kotobook is a place where every pet becomes a star! Create unique stories, share photos and videos of your furry friends, meet new friends, and get great discounts on pet products and services.

Pet Lovers Community
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Pet Story

Create Your Pet's Story

Every pet is unique, and we help you tell their story. Add photos, videos, and interesting facts about your pet to make them part of the big Kotobook community.

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Exclusive Discounts for Users

Join our community and get exclusive discounts on pet products and services. From food to toys and veterinary services - all available with great discounts only for Kotobook users.

Pet Product Discounts
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Pet Business

Engage Pet Businesses

We invite all pet businesses to collaborate with Kotobook! Join us and expand your customer base by offering special deals and discounts to our active users. With Kotobook, you can directly connect with potential customers and showcase your best products and services.

About Kotobook

Kotobook is a unique platform created to unite pet lovers from all over the world. Our goal is to create a space where every pet has its place, where you can share their stories, discuss important issues, get useful advice, and of course, discounts on favorite pet products and services.

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Our Mission

We strive to make the world a better place for pets and their owners by creating a community where everyone can find support, inspiration, and great opportunities for their pet.

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Benefits for Users

  • Unique Stories: Create and share your pet's stories.
  • Discounts: Get great discounts on the best pet products and services.
  • Community: Find new friends and communicate with other pet lovers.
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Benefits for Pet Businesses

  • Expand Customer Base: Attract new customers through special offers and discounts.
  • Direct Communication: Communicate directly with your target audience through Kotobook.
  • Marketing Support: Use our tools to promote your products and services.
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