Why Does Your Cat Leave Marks in the House?

Why Does Your Cat Leave Marks in the House?

Is your cat starting to leave "autographs" all over the house? This is not just a whim. It’s his way of telling the world, "I’m the boss here!"

Main Reasons:

Love Games: Unneutered cats leave marks to attract the attention of female cats.

Newcomers in the House: If you have a new cat or dog, your senior cat may feel the need to "sign" its territory again.

Stress: Changes in the house, such as renovations or a new baby, can cause your cat to seek comfort in marking.

Health: Sudden "art projects" can be a signal of health problems. It is worth consulting a veterinarian.

What Not to Do:

Scold: the cat will not understand why you are angry at him.

Use water as punishment: this will not change his behavior.

Physical punishment: this is unacceptable.

How to Solve the Problem:

Health: Make sure your cat is healthy.

Neutering: This can help if the reason is instinctive behavior.

Expert Help: Sometimes you need a specialist's help, especially if the behavior's reasons are deeper.

Special Products: There are products that help eliminate the smell and prevent the cat from marking again.

Every cat is an individual, and the approach to each should be personal. With love and patience, you can find common ground with your pet and forget about the "unwanted art" in your home.

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